3 Reasons to Use a Mobile Notary

Public Mobile Notary Services in AZ

Having to get a document notarized can sometimes be a pain! You have to make time in your schedule to get to the office and go through the proper procedures. Most notaries offer limited hours that usually take place right during the workday, leaving you with the annoying task of having to take time off work or add another errand to your day off to-do list.

You may not know this, but you actually have another useful option when it comes to authenticating your documents—a mobile notary! Consider the benefits of using a mobile notary the next time you need to handle legal business, to make things easier on yourself and all parties involved!

1.) Flexibility

Unlike standard notary publics, mobile services are typically offered outside of traditional business hours. They’ll work with your schedule to get your documents taken care of when it’s easiest for you. This is especially useful for emergencies—like a last-minute will or time sensitive loan.

The adaptability of a mobile notary is also very useful in situations that involve multiple parties operating on different schedules or residing in spread out locations. These notaries consider the individual needs of each customer and make themselves available at almost any time.

2.) Convenience

There’s no need to travel or accommodate the hours of a mobile notary, which saves you a significant amount of time. These services come to you, making the tedious notarizing process quick and efficient!

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a convenient notary in a small town that might not have as many available. Mobile notaries solve this problem with ease, eliminating any issues location may cause. Individuals who are ill, immobile, or just have a busy schedule don’t have to leave home or can choose the most suitable location to meet according to their needs.

3.) Privacy

Ordinary notary publics afford an appropriate amount of privacy to their customers, but mobile services offer an even higher level of confidentiality. Take care of sensitive legal issues with the peace of mind that no one is privy to what you’re doing—as anyone seeing you walk into a notary office could deduce—and in the place you feel most comfortable.

Mobile notaries uphold the same standards and values as traditional offices with the added bonus of making them available to you in your home. Each one is certified and compliant, and most are qualified to notarize all types of documents.

Dreamweaver Concierge provides handy mobile notary services for all reasonable and legal requests in the Glendale, Arizona area! We will also travel to other locations for an additional fee determined by distance.

Eliminate the stress and inconvenience of going out of your way to legalize your documents. Rely instead on our professional and trustworthy mobile services to meet your notarizing needs!