4 Ways to Give Your Vacation Rental Guests a Better Experience

Vacation Home Concierge Services in Phoenix, AZ

Renting out your second home during the weeks or months between visits is a great way to earn some extra income to help pay for it. With so many rentals available for travelers, you’ll have to go the extra mile to give your guests a stellar experience if you want to turn a real profit.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got a few suggestions to help you make your renters’ stay unforgettable!

1) Create a welcome packet.

Get off to the right start with your guests by making it easy for them to enjoy your home and the area. Create a document that outlines instructions for using your rental, such as how to operate appliances, the security system, electronics, and access WiFi. You may also want to include helpful recommendations for local restaurants, transportation, attractions, activities, and shopping.

2) Furnish and decorate your rental like a home.

The interior design in your vacation rental should have a neutral base, for universal appeal, tied together with cozy, homey touches to make guests feel comfortable. Choose simple, quality furniture made of durable materials that will stand up to repeated use. Then, decorate with inviting design details, such as soft blankets, throw pillows, colorful area rugs, fun wall art, and vintage décor pieces to achieve that “home away from home” atmosphere.

3) Anticipate their needs.

Think about what a renter might want or need and take the initiative to provide it before they have to ask. If you’re unable to be there to get things set up yourself, hire a concierge service to provide your guests white-glove service on your behalf. A few ideas for going above and beyond might be to arrange rides to/from the airport, supply fresh water and a snack upon arrival, provide mini-toiletries in the bathroom, and offer streaming service access, board games, and extra phone chargers.

4) Offer a balance between privacy and accessibility.

You want to respect your guests’ time and space, but still make sure to be available whenever they may need you. Consider making the check-in process automatic with smart home access or a lock box. If you welcome guests yourself, just show them the basics and then leave. Make sure they have your contact information and know they can reach out 24/7. An occasional check-in text during their stay can also be a good, nonintrusive way to remind them that you’re there for what they need.

At Dreamweaver Concierge, we understand that you aren’t always able to make it out to your vacation home to get it ready for yourself or your next guests. That’s where we can help! We can take care of everything you and your renters need, including house checks during vacancies, cleaning services, grocery runs, airport transportation, guest meet and greets, and more.

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