5 Tips for Living Your Best Snowbird Lifestyle

Professional House Sitters in Phoenix, AZ

Achieving the snowbird lifestyle is a dream of many northerners. Great weather year-round, a whole season of carefree relaxation, a convenient second home to escape to at a moment’s notice—what’s not to love?!

Buying a second home is only the first step to becoming a snowbird. There’s quite a bit of planning and preparation that goes into making the most of migration season each year. Start with these tips for mastering the snowbird lifestyle!

1) Make your second house feel like a home.

When you’re spending several months of the year in your second home, you don’t want it to feel like a vacation rental. Keep some belongings in your snowbird residence to make it feel more like yours. Nice furniture, personal items in the bedrooms and bathrooms, and warm and welcoming decorations will make all the difference.

2) Go electric wherever you can.

Going paperless with your bills and subscriptions will make snowbird life much easier. You’ll be able to access important accounts without hassle and never have to worry about missing a payment. For any mail that can’t be electronic, have the post office or a family member forward it to you while you’re away.

3) Have a healthcare plan.

If you’re spending a good chunk of each year in your second home, there’s a good chance you’re going to need medical care at some point. Check with your private insurance about providers and coverage available to you out-of-state. Or if you’re 65+, enroll in Medicare, which is covered nationwide.

4) Get involved in your second community.

Being away from your friends and family at home can get lonely during snowbird season. You’ll enjoy your time in your second home much more if you have some friends to hangout with and fun activities to do. See if you can join a gym on a monthly basis, get involved in a sport, or find a club for a favorite hobby to do with others.

5) Take measures to keep both homes secure.

Vacant homes are at risk for theft, vandalism, and other emergencies. Make sure whichever property you’re not staying in is well-protected. You should install a quality security system and notify neighbors, friends, and local police of your vacation plans. It’s also a good idea to have someone check in on and maintain your home during your time away, so it doesn’t appear vacant and become an obvious target for criminals.

If your second home is in Phoenix or surrounding areas in Arizona, Dreamweaver Concierge is here to take care of all your snowbird needs. Our team of experienced house sitters will maintain and monitor your home while you’re away, making sure everything is as it should be on whatever schedule makes you most comfortable.

To learn more about how our white glove service can make your snowbird life easier, give us a call at 623-337-1036 today!