The Top Reasons to Book a Cruise This Summer

A family running on an island with a cruise ship behind them, enjoying their summer vacation

As Covid-19 restrictions lift and life starts making its way into a new normal, it’s time to book a much-needed vacation! A cruise is a great choice if you’re looking for the perfect balance of amenities, enjoyment, and relaxation. No matter the destination, you can be sure to be treated like royalty and make unforgettable… Read more »

The Top Reasons to Utilize a Personal Assistant Service

Top down view on hands of personal assistant typing at computer planning a party for a client

Whether you’re a busy single mom or a single CEO who hardly has time to grocery shop for yourself, utilizing a personal assistant service can be extremely beneficial. To ensure you have a successful week, you need to get those tedious tasks out of the way that tend to take up a lot of your… Read more »

The Benefits of Going on a Staycation

Staycation word with suitcase

On occasion, stepping out of our everyday environment is crucial for our mental health. Although it would be nice to hop on a plane to a tropical paradise whenever we need an escape, that is not always possible. Staycations are becoming increasingly popular, especially during a global pandemic, when travel is difficult. Here are a… Read more »

Mobile Notary Services: Everything You Need to Know

A female mobile notary working with a couple in the comfort of their home

If you have ever needed something notarized, you know what a hassle it can be. Timing is everything when it comes to notarizing important documents like mortgages or travel consent forms. Finding the spare time to visit a notary can be inconvenient or, sometimes, impossible. The easiest way to ensure your important papers are signed… Read more »

3 Reasons to Hire a Travel Agent for Your Honeymoon

Newly married couple on a vacation planned by their travel agent, sharing a romantic dinner with candles surrounding them in a shape of a heart on the beach.

Planning your wedding can take up to a year or more, especially during a pandemic. Weddings have been postponed once or, in some cases, several times. You are tired, stressed out, and worn down. The thought of having to plan a honeymoon after the long-awaited special occasion could send an overwhelming shiver down your spine…. Read more »

Why Vacations Are Important for Your Health & Wellness

Travel Agency & Concierge Services in Arizona

These days, we live in a society in which working 60-hour weeks is something to brag about and burnout is the norm. To many working professionals, the thought of taking a vacation is actually stressful! Then, when they finally do agree to take some PTO, they usually just stay at home and either run errands… Read more »

Tips for Being a Snowbird on a Budget

Affordable House Sitting and Concierge Services in Phoenix, AZ

Wouldn’t it be great if you could exchange the long, cold, dark months of winter for a second summer? That’s what snowbirds do—head south for the winter to enjoy gorgeous weather year-round, then return to their main homes for their regularly-scheduled spring and summer seasons. To those who don’t live that lifestyle, it probably sounds… Read more »

3 Reasons to Have Your Home Cleaned While You’re on Vacation

House Sitting Services in Phoenix, AZ

When you’re planning a vacation, your mind is probably focused on your destination. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being excited for your trip, but you want to make sure you don’t get too distracted and neglect taking care of something at home before you go. Cleaning your house is one of those things that… Read more »

How To Plan a Family Reunion Trip

Travel Planning Agency in Phoenix, AZ

Getting the extended family together every so often is important to help you stay connected and keep your familial bonds strong over time and distance. One way to make it a truly fun and memorable event is to plan a destination reunion somewhere new and exciting! But does planning a vacation with the whole family… Read more »

Tips for Planning a Trip for Summer 2021

Travel Agency in Phoenix, AZ

After a long year (and then some) of being cooped up, most of us are eager to pack up and head out for a vacation as soon as possible. Thankfully, we’ve made enough progress here in the U.S. that safer travel is now in the realm of possibility. With summer approaching, now is a great… Read more »