3 Great Reasons to Pack Your Bags and Take a Trip This Winter

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Whether you’re craving a break from the snow, determined to hunt down the perfect winter wonderland, or you’re looking for a new experience, we’re happy to share that right now is the ideal time to plan a vacation! Summer doesn’t have to be your only opportunity to take a trip. If you have the flexibility… Read more »

How to Keep Your Second Home Secure

House Sitting Services in Phoenix, AZ

A second home makes an excellent sanctuary to have for relaxing during your vacations or escaping the harsh northern winter weather. It’s also an achievement to be celebrated; a reflection of the hard work you’ve accomplished to make owning another property possible! A vacation home is no small investment. You’ll want to do everything in… Read more »

3 Important Things for Snowbirds to Do Before Leaving for the Season

Professional House Sitters in Phoenix, AZ

Doesn’t everybody wish they could live the snowbird life? Spending spring, summer, and fall in your main home and escaping to a warm, sunny paradise for the winter months?! If you’re lucky enough to call yourself a snowbird, then you’re probably getting ready to head south for the season. Since your housesitting service has been… Read more »

How a Travel Agency Can Enhance Your Trip

Full-Service Travel Agency in Phoenix, AZ

A commonly held misconception is that travel agents are an unnecessary waste of money. You might wonder why you should bother paying someone to do something you can do yourself? Think of it this way though; you wouldn’t bake your own wedding cake just because you’ve made boxed cake mix before. You don’t have the… Read more »

Why You Should Hire a Professional House Sitter

House Sitting Services in Phoenix, AZ

For most people, going out of town for an extended period of time and leaving your home unattended is not an option. It’s hard to feel comfortable on vacation or taking up residence in your out-of-state summer home, knowing your house is vulnerable and not being cared for properly! It’s easy to default to asking… Read more »

3 Reasons to Use a Mobile Notary

Public Mobile Notary Services in AZ

Having to get a document notarized can sometimes be a pain! You have to make time in your schedule to get to the office and go through the proper procedures. Most notaries offer limited hours that usually take place right during the workday, leaving you with the annoying task of having to take time off… Read more »

Dreamweaver Offers Services in Celebrity Gift Bag

Dreamweaver Lifestyle Management & Concierge has been invited to showcase their services in the Celebrity Gift Suite at the Grand Opening of the Stoli Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. Dreamweaver Gift Certificates towards personal assistant and concierge services, along with a set of specially etched martini chillers will be included in the gift bags to… Read more »

Enhancing the Lives of Professional Athletes and Their Families

Glendale, Arizona, February 19, 2007 — Dreamweaver Lifestyle Management & Concierge, LLC has been approved by XPACS to be an XPACS network member. Located in Glendale, AZ, the heartbeat for the Sports Enthusiast, Dreamweaver offers not only services to the professional athletes of XPACS; they also offer their services to businesses and residents of Arizona…. Read more »

GBK Productions Partners Up with STOLI on the Grand Opening of Its Iconic Hotel

Saturday, 26 May 2007 GBK Productions created another spectacular gift to entice the Celebrities while they danced the night away to DJ Danny Masterson. Hollywood, CA (PRWeb) May 5, 2007 — The Opening Night of the Stoli Hotel, Inspired by the Hotel Moskva,the iconic hotel on Stoli’s bottle label, was a great success. It was… Read more »