Enhancing the Lives of Professional Athletes and Their Families

Glendale, Arizona, February 19, 2007 — Dreamweaver Lifestyle Management & Concierge, LLC has been approved by XPACS to be an XPACS network member. Located in Glendale, AZ, the heartbeat for the Sports Enthusiast, Dreamweaver offers not only services to the professional athletes of XPACS; they also offer their services to businesses and residents of Arizona. Services range from corporate concierges to personal assistants to taking care of the to-do list that is longer than your day. Professionalism, pride in customer service and ability to accomplish the tasks given to them, has made Dreamweaver the premier Concierge in Glendale and surrounding area’s.

Dreamweaver Lifestyle Management & Concierge, LLC is not your simple errand service. They take your daily life and make it manageable again. Giving their clients the lifestyle they deserve with time to enjoy it. From planning corporate meetings and events, to weddings, birthday parties, weekend getaways to house sitting while clients are off on that needed vacation. Dreamweaver clients range from athletes, business professionals, government officials, to your neighbor next door. Dreamweaver is now accepting applications for new clients. One time service to monthly memberships Dreamweaver is here 24/7 to make life what it should be……YOURS!

Everyday, athletes and high profile individuals are looking for help not in the arena, stadium, or ballpark, but in managing and simplifying their lives. The career demands on an athlete have never been greater, and with an average salary of $2M per year for the top 3,500 athletes, the rewards of professional athletics have reached record levels. The number of required resources by professionals in the athletic careers has grown dramatically over the past decade: year round training, nutritionists, and sports psychologists, to name a few. Prior to Xtreme Personal Assistant Concierge Services (XPACS) arrival, the availability of resources to assist professionals in their personal endeavors has been limited.

Scott Graham, CEO of XPACS developed the concept a couple years ago, while playing basketball at Fresno State University under legendary coach, Jerry Tarkanian. “One day, I was hanging out in Fresno with Brian Shaw of the Los Angeles Lakers and one of the assistant coaches. When Brian and I drove off to a local restaurant to get something to eat, his cell phone rang six times in the span of about ten minutes. I jokingly mentioned to him that with the number of phone calls he was receiving; he needed a personal assistant. That was when the light went off in my head. Why not create a concierge service for these professional athletes and their families?” – said Graham

The mission of XPACS is to assist the professional athletic, celebrities and top executives in significantly reducing unnecessary stress from their lives. Eventually the goal of XPACS is to assist the underserved populace by sharing the fruits of our success with them. This concept, social entrepreneurship, is the hallmark of XPACS.

During the summer and fall of 2002, the XPACS research and development team conducted close to 100 interviews and information sessions with numerous professional athletes and sports agents. These interviews revealed that the majority of these potential clients use a variety of services, but did not have a “one stop shop” supplier. With concierge services expected to grow from $650M to over $1.3B in the next five years (National Concierge Association), XPACS is uniquely poised to capture this market demand. After establishing partnerships around the world, XPACS officially launched in June of 2004 as the Premiere International Concierge Service for professional athletes, celebrities and other high profile people as well as their families. “I think what differentiates us from other concierge services is the fact that we are not only in 54 cities nationwide, but we are worldwide,” Katharine Giovanni, President of XPACS.

Life-enhancing services from XPACS range from the ordinary to the extraordinary and include assistance with purchasing a new car, jewelry or even a home; assistance with making domestic decisions like child-care, housekeeping, child educational services; or event planning such as a wedding. Consider XPACS your General Contractor for all your services and life enhancing needs.

To learn more about XPACS please contact Mike Melikian at mmelikian@goxpacs.org or (949) 258-4325.