House Sitting Services in Phoenix AZ

House Sitting Information

Our Clients Set the Schedule to What They Feel Is Needed to Give Them Peace of Mind – Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or any schedule they choose.

What Makes our House Sitting Service Different from the Rest?

  • Family Owned and Operated since 2006 – you always know who is in your home
  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  • All Services are completed by Dreamweaver Concierge never outsourced
  • List us as your emergency contact for alarm and emergency services
  • White Glove Customer Service at a reasonable rate

Each House Check Includes

  • Complete walk through of every room throughout the house – checking all windows, exterior doors, damage on ceilings, floors, walls, etc.
  • Run rinse cycle in dishwasher and washing machine
  • Check the refrigerator and freezer to be cold and operating, dump ice maker, run water through the water dispenser
  • Run water through all taps and check under sinks for leaks
  • Run disposal/garburator
  • Flush all toilets checking around the base and connections to wall are not leaking
  • Check and set thermostats to appropriate temperature
  • Check A/C Filters
  • Check lights, ceiling fans, alarms, etc.
  • Check vehicles in garage, start and move if requested
  • Check Water Softener salt tablet levels
  • Inspect the outside of the home for damage, cracking, verifying pool and yard services are being maintained, pick up any debris from doors, driveway and patios
  • Check mail and forward if needed
  • Send e-mails after every check
  • Send pictures monthly


  • Cleaning Services
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Vehicle Deliver to Airport and Pickup from Airport
  • Guest Meet and Greet
  • Party Planning
  • Reservations and Tee-Times
  • Special Event and Sports Tickets
  • Travel Arrangements

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