How to Keep Your Second Home Secure

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A second home makes an excellent sanctuary to have for relaxing during your vacations or escaping the harsh northern winter weather. It’s also an achievement to be celebrated; a reflection of the hard work you’ve accomplished to make owning another property possible!

A vacation home is no small investment. You’ll want to do everything in your power to take care of it and make sure it’s well-protected—especially when you’re away at your primary home. Don’t risk losing everything you’ve worked for. Follow these safety measures to ensure your second home is secure and ready for your next stay!

Invest in a good security system.

Technology is an incredible tool to use to keep yourself connected with your property from anywhere in the world. Install a quality security system—alarms, video surveillance, access controls—to safeguard your second home when you’re not in the area.

Most systems available these days allow you to monitor your video feeds and alarms with an app on your phone! You’ll be able to check in on the property regularly and make sure everything is as it should be.

Hire someone to manage your property.

Find a professional, experienced caretaker company you can trust to look after your second home during the off-season. Trained and insured house sitters are going to be far more reliable than asking a neighbor to check in occasionally—although your neighbors should be aware that it is a second property.

Not only will you have the peace of mind of knowing someone is routinely ensuring your home is secure, many companies will also complete regular maintenance tasks. That way, your second home will be clean, fully functioning, and in good condition in your absence!

Find a good insurance company.

Homeowner’s insurance, especially for a second property, is essential for securing your home. Protect yourself and your house against damage from inclement weather or criminal activity.

If you need additional coverage because it’s not your primary residence, don’t skimp on it. It’ll cost you more money to fix property damage without insurance than it will to simply pay for a sufficient policy in the first place!

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