How To Plan a Family Reunion Trip

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Getting the extended family together every so often is important to help you stay connected and keep your familial bonds strong over time and distance. One way to make it a truly fun and memorable event is to plan a destination reunion somewhere new and exciting!

But does planning a vacation with the whole family sound more like a stressful disaster than a relaxing getaway? Don’t worry, we’ve got the tips you need to pull it off!

Start early.

It’s going to take a lot of work to wrangle the entire extended family to work out the details of a vacation. You’re going to want to give yourselves about a year to get it done successfully, and with the least amount of stress. Once you have a date locked in, then you can move onto logistics.

Share the responsibility.

Again, the amount of work that goes into coordinating a destination family reunion is a lot—too much for one person to do alone. Put together a committee of family members (one representative per immediate family/household) and assign important tasks for everyone to do. These should include things like making reservations, meal planning, and scheduling activities. Meet with each other or converse continuously in a group chat to check in as you’re planning.

Choose a location that works for everyone.

After you’ve got the date, your next decision should be the destination. Take into consideration the time of year, as well as the preferences of all the family members attending. It may even be easier to start by ruling out what people definitely don’t want and work your way backwards. Don’t forget that you’ll need a spot that works for multiple generations, i.e., grandpa may not enjoy a backcountry camping trip as much as the grandkids.

Create an itinerary in advance.

While you don’t want to plan every minute of your reunion, scheduling one or two group activities per day will help keep things interesting. Look for larger group activities that every generation can enjoy together, such as a city bus tour or day at the beach. You should also leave plenty of downtime for family members to reconnect, break off into smaller groups, and relax and recoup on their own.

An easy way to take the stress out of planning your family reunion vacation is to hire a professional travel planner to get the details in place for you! In addition to providing white-glove house sitting services, Dreamweaver Concierge is also a full-service travel agency. We can plan every aspect of your trip from the flights and accommodations down to the group activities and souvenirs.

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