How to Prepare for a House Sitter

Professional House Sitting in Phoenix, AZ

So, you’re leaving for vacation or saying goodbye to your desert home for the spring, and you need a house sitter. You’ve vetted your options and hired the best person to care for your home in your absence. Now what?

Before you pack your bags and head out, there are a few things you’ll want to do to prepare for your house sitter. Although a professional will know what they’re doing, you’ll still need to provide them with a little guidance for the specifics of your home.

Create a checklist.

If you’ve picked a good house sitter, they’ll already know most of what it takes to properly care for a house. But because every home and situation are different, you’ll still need to clearly define your expectations, so they can tailor their services to your needs.

Write out a checklist of the tasks you need done and when they should be completed. Be sure to go over this list with your house sitter in advance (and leave them a copy if you can), so they can follow your instructions and schedule exactly.

Provide emergency and utility information.

Write down any important phone numbers, account logins, and other information your house sitter may need to care for your home, particularly in an emergency. Include your own contact information and the best way to reach you (phone, email, hotel phone number, etc.), as well as an emergency contact, such as a friend or neighbor in the area who knows you and your house.

As a precaution, you should also provide any logins or account information for utilities—gas, water, security company, etc.—your house sitter may need to handle a problem while you’re away.

Give your house sitter a tour.

The best way to ensure your house sitter knows where everything is so they can do their job, is to give them a quick house tour before you depart. Show them things like how to work appliances, operate the thermostat, set and disable your house alarm, etc. This will help prevent them from running into any problems and allow them to more easily identify any issues during their checks.

When you leave your house in the hands of a professional, there’s no need to worry that something will be missed. With over a decade of experience as a concierge service, the team at Dreamweaver is more than prepared to handle your house sitting needs on your schedule.

Call Dreamweaver Concierge today at 623-337-1036 to book our services, and enjoy your time away knowing we’ll care for your home as if it’s our own!