Tips for Being a Snowbird on a Budget

Affordable House Sitting and Concierge Services in Phoenix, AZ

Wouldn’t it be great if you could exchange the long, cold, dark months of winter for a second summer? That’s what snowbirds do—head south for the winter to enjoy gorgeous weather year-round, then return to their main homes for their regularly-scheduled spring and summer seasons.

To those who don’t live that lifestyle, it probably sounds like a luxury few can afford. But you don’t have to be an investment banker or trust fund recipient in order to become a snowbird. You can be a snowbird while living on a budget too. Check out these tips for how to pull it off!

Downsize your primary residence.

Downsizing to a smaller, less expensive main home that still meets your needs leaves you with more financial flexibility for a second home. With a smaller primary residence, you’ll have fewer maintenance costs, lower property taxes, and a lower mortgage. The money you save can be put toward your winter home and snowbird lifestyle.

Look for more affordable winter vacation spots.

Being a snowbird doesn’t have to mean living in a luxurious waterfront home in Palm Beach from December through March. The money you can afford to put toward your snowbird life will go much further in areas with a lower cost of living. Arizona, certain parts of Florida, and Texas are all good places to start researching.

Rent out the home you’re not using.

Renting out your properties to guests and short-term tenants while they’re vacant is an easy way to generate some extra income to offset the costs of a second home. Spend a little time making the space look inviting and advertise to renters on places like Airbnb. Don’t forget to research the tax and insurance regulations of renting out a vacation property first, to ensure it will be financially worth it.

At Dreamweaver Concierge, we believe that white-glove services don’t have to come at a high cost. That’s why we make our house sitting and concierge services in Arizona affordable for snowbirds and second homeowners who are already juggling the expenses of more than one property.

Get in touch with us today to start taking back your time, so you can enjoy your snowbird life without breaking the bank!