Why Choose Dreamweaver for Your House-Sitting Needs?

House-Sitting Company in Phoenix, AZ

The Northern U.S. is in the thick of winter. But if you’re lucky enough to be able to migrate south when the snow starts, you’re still enjoying the sun!

Although you have a few months left in your snowbird residence, now is the time to start thinking about arrangements for maintaining your house when you head back north. Luckily, you can get five-star service that won’t break the bank right here in Arizona!

So, why put your second home in the hands of the Dreamweaver housesitting team?

Get everything you need in one place.

Eliminate the hassle of coordinating with (and paying for!) multiple service companies to maintain your home. Dreamweaver Concierge is a one-stop shop for your house-sitting needs—we do it all.

Along with our complete house checks to ensure everything is in good working order, we’ll also clean and organize your house, do your grocery shopping, make your travel arrangements, pick you up and drop you off at the airport, and more!

You’ll always know exactly who is in your home.

Our company has been fully family-owned and operated since 2006, and we never outsource any of our services. When you enlist our help, you get the peace of mind of knowing your home and belongings are safe and well-protected. As far as we’re considered, your home is our home, and that’s how we’ll treat it (just ask our clients).

You can also feel secure knowing that we are a licensed, bonded, and insured business, so the value of your items is always guaranteed.

Only pay for what you need.

Don’t waste money on companies who charge more for packages that include things you don’t actually want or need. With Dreamweaver, you can customize which services you get and when you get them! We operate 24/7, even on holidays, and can come to your house weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or however often you prefer. Our pricing is simple and cost-effective without having to sacrifice quality.

Get premier white glove service for your second home from a dedicated team, at an affordable price.

The goal of Dreamweaver Concierge is to give you back the time you need to enjoy your life without having to worry about the needs of your home. Contact us to learn more about what we have to offer and book our housesitting services today!