Why You Should Hire a Professional House Sitter

House Sitting Services in Phoenix, AZ

For most people, going out of town for an extended period of time and leaving your home unattended is not an option. It’s hard to feel comfortable on vacation or taking up residence in your out-of-state summer home, knowing your house is vulnerable and not being cared for properly!

It’s easy to default to asking a family member or neighbor to pop in once in a while to get the mail and check that the doors are still locked. The truth is though, there are a lot of reasons you’re almost always better off leaving the care of your home in the hands of a professional house-sitting service!

Professional house sitters take their jobs seriously.

While a friend or neighbor will obviously care about the well-being of your property, professional house sitters have literally made a career out of it. They’re dedicated to tending to your home as if it were their own. Professional house sitters strive to provide you with the best service possible, so you’re guaranteed to return to a house in a condition as good as or better than you left it!

Ensure your house is prepared for an emergency.

A lot can happen in a couple of weeks or even just a couple of days! You never know what emergency situations could occur in your absence. Experienced and well-trained house sitters know how to handle unexpected events, like storms, power outages, and flooding, that have the potential to significantly damage your home and your wallet.

Keep your house well-maintained.

Routine care is necessary to keep your house in top shape, especially if you’ll be gone for an entire season. Professional house sitters will take the time to regularly clean your interior and perform exterior upkeep. You can count on them to complete essential tasks like mowing the lawn, taking out the garbage, dusting, and routinely checking in on the plumbing, heat, and electricity.

Secure your vacant home.

Enjoy your time away with the peace of mind of knowing your home is well-protected. Empty houses are prime targets for vandalism, break-ins, and other criminal activity. A lot of insurances even stop providing you with coverage during your absence if it exceeds a certain length of time! A house sitter will check in on your home as often as you like, ensuring the doors and windows are locked and nothing seems out of place, and deterring burglars from your property with their presence.

You can trust that your home is in good hands with the professionals at Dreamweaver Concierge! We’ve been family owned and operated for over 10 years, providing quality house sitting services to many part-time and full-time Arizona residents. Contact us today to learn more about the affordable and convenient resources we have available!