About Us

Dreamweaver Lifestyle Management & Concierge is a family owned and operated team offering concierge and personal assistant services to anyone and everyone that needs help getting those tedious tasks done that eats up their time day in and day out.

Dreamweaver was a vision of wanting to offer help to those that are short on time, long on things to do and stressed out trying to figure out how to fit work, life and family duties in just 24 hours a day.

Lisa Stiver is the brain child and President of Dreamweaver Concierge, LLC, a personal assistant and concierge service located in Glendale, Arizona. Dreamweaver was designed to assist people and businesses with the everyday struggle to find enough time to enjoy the things in life they’ve worked so hard to achieve. Dreamweaver Concierge is not just another errand service or a here today gone tomorrow start-up but a full-service, time tested company with only one goal in mind…giving our clients peace of mind and time to enjoy the things they’ve worked hard for and deserve to enjoy.

Dreamweaver Concierge’s clients range from single moms to snow birds, to the “rich and famous.” From house sitting, mobile notary service, residential and model home cleaning, making dinner reservations, booking a limo, and travel arrangements to acquiring those hard to locate concert or sports tickets to ordering flowers on spur of the moment. Dreamweaver Concierge treats each request with professionalism, attention to the smallest of details, and the highest customer service.

Lisa has tapped into her 20+ years of corporate management and finance background to oversee the company’s day to day operations from development, sales & marketing, financial stability, and customer service. Before bringing Dreamweaver to life, she enjoyed a long and successful career in the financial lending arena. She has brought to Dreamweaver Concierge the most important thing she learned over the years: Customer service is the #1 reason customers continue a business relationship as there are always other choices. No customer is just a customer with Dreamweaver, they are our #1 concern, our #1 reason why we do what we do with such passion, and commitment.

TIME – is the only thing in life we can’t duplicate, borrow, steal, or save.

The Stiver family is comprised of the Momma and Poppa – Lisa and Jerry Stiver. Our family came together like the Brady Bunch ten years ago. Lisa had two girls, Jessica and Shelby. Jerry had two boys, GM and Kevin. Throughout the years our family has grown – two sons-in-law, George and Jared and two beautiful and very smart grandchildren, Brayden and Emma.

Each family member brings a talent or specialty to the Dreamweaver team. Jerry and Lisa keep it all pulled together. Jessica and Shelby make sure every task is fulfilled and always inspect what our clients expect. George is an electrician and our handyman. Jared is our plumber. GM and Kevin take great pride in accomplishing those hard to find, last minute requests. Brayden and Emma bring a smile to our faces everyday and keep us grounded to what is the most important thing in life – LOVE.

Dreamweaver’s goal is to provide clients with a place to find peace of mind that their homes, families and guests and well taken care of. Our clients are an extension of our family, we treat them no differently than we treat each other. This is their company, and we hope it serves as a launching pad to give our clients back their time to enjoy life. At Dreamweaver, we insist on doing things in a very specific way…. YOURS

Dreamweaver’s mission is to build mutually rewarding relationships with all our customers and vendors by offering consistent high-quality customer service helping to improve and enhance the value of each of our customer’s lifestyles.